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Beauty industry has a lot of methods of body hair elimination . Soft, shiny and spectacular skin is a goal of every woman, even men nowadays are going for it. We advise waxing – it’s an easy method which prevents all body surface cuts.
If you are curious of

bikini waxing Phuket,
look at our website, where skillful esthetician’s hands are waiting for you .
Beauty salon Velvet Waxing in Phuket is a spot where wax epilation is completed safely and by a professional. Basis of this process is a mechanical pulling of hair from the skin with a help of a special substance – wax , which is based on essential components.

Our salon is working in a beauty market more than 2 years. During that time hundreds of satisfied visitors had depilation on many body spots. While working we use wax only from the most trustworthy manufacturers, meticulously disinfect tools and the room, we fulfill all the hygienic requirements. We have an environment for calm and pleasure of our client, to unite waxing and relaxation. You are offered a waiting area, wireless internet, air conditioner and no queue time when you schedule a slot online.


Waxing doesn’t need special safety measures. Experienced professional will guide you how to prepare for a routine and what to do when it’s done: за 2-3 недели до посещения салона не удаляйте волосы, а после посещения специалиста не тревожьте обработанную кожу, не используйте крема, дезодоранты и спиртовые растворы в течение суток.
Сам процесс осуществляется весьма осторожно, по принципу «не причиняй вред». And after first visit your body skin will be perfectly soft. Effect from эwaxing hair removal persists for 2-3 weeks. If it is performed regularly then, hair stems thin out and grow fewer, hence your beautician appointments amount will drop and so will your spending. Procedure

price altogether justifies itself. We offer a discount for online booking and for ordering a package of five visits. Price-list on our web page presents a list of our services and costs for guys and women, for different body areas.
Convenient salon location with parking, cozy atmosphere and our hospitality guarantee that your wishes will be fulfilled after your starting visit. We do everything so you would require just a few sessions for a lasting effect. Make an appointment for the initial consultation with an esthetician to get rid of any uncertainty and make the correct step towards a beautiful skin.
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